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Collaborating for inclusion is better business

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Access to a diverse talent pool and sustainable inclusive hiring

Our partnerships with educational instituitions and leading non-profit organisations allow us to continuously work closely with candidates earlier in their lives to prepare them for work and be a potentially better match for the hiring needs you have.

Building a more inclusive culture

Beyond helping you recruit and support employees with disabilities at work, we will also work with different levels of your organisation in building processes and systems to create deeper integration and inclusion in your workplace.

Begin or further your disability inclusion journey through internships and employment now.

Building more resilience into your organisation and industry

Through forming anchor partnerships in each industry, we build a consistent and continuous pipeline of people with disabilities who will be trained and exposed to the highest level of relevancy to match what employers and their industries need.


YMCA - Inclus Train & Place Series

Food & Beverage

Tze Char x Thye Hua Kwan Train & Place Series​


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YMCA - Inclus Train & Place Series

Food & Beverage

Tze Char x Thye Hua Kwan Train & Place Series​

Connect with us now to be an employment partner or pioneer a new industry partnership.

Directly impacting lives and the future positively

Whether it is through volunteering or funding programs, we are singularly focused on improving the life outcomes of families through helping people with disabilities achieve gainful employment and independent living.

Together with Inclus, our partners and sponsors have to-date positively affected the lives of hundreds of families and improved their longer-term outlook. Depending on the design of the program, some will work with our PWDs and their families directly, while some work with or through Inclus on various levels. One thing is for sure, the positive impact you create is direct and long-lasting.

Reach out to us to explore or work together on creating deeper and longer lasting impact for our world.

Untapped Talent Pool with Diversity

“The talent pipeline that Inclus has built for us from internship through employment has been very powerful in bringing in work-ready people with disabilities.

Beyond giving us access to a new talent pool, Inclus has also helped us grow our awareness and understanding in how to source and attract candidates from this space!”

Better Culture and Teams

“The sensitisation and integration work from Inclus has been crucial in helping us connect and bond our different teams together on a common purpose to create success for our disability employment initiatives.

While it may not be obvious at first, the presence of Inclus and the impact that they have on our teams are long-lasting and spreads across the organisation.

We really like that the partnership is conducted about in both a formal and informal manner, which gives it the flexibility to adjust to the needs of our various employees.”

Preparing for the Future

“It was very challenging for us to keep up with the best practices for inclusion and appreciate how it could be applied to our organisation. As we navigate our way in a very VUCA world, we have to be resilient and adaptable.

Our work with Inclus has helped to shape our lenses and thought processes, and this continuous working partnership has been critical in helping us be more relevant and competitive.”

Partnering with organisations of all sizes and industries to drive disability inclusion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring and integrating people with disabilities need not be costly, and can potentially be beneficial to an organisation at large! While it depends on each organisation’s needs and structure, with thoughtful planning and execution, every organisation can start something within their budget with longer-term goals in mind.

If you are asking this question or considering hiring a person with disability, it means that you are on the right path to getting ready if you are already not! It ultimately depends on your organisation’s needs and profile, and we will be able to advise further only after speaking to you and your team to understand your considerations, needs, and thought processes.

One of the key objectives of Inclus’s support for employers is to equip the team with as much capabilities and independence as possible in engaging and communicating with their colleague with disability. While we do not encourage employers to engage us in continuous and perpetual support, we recognise that environments and needs can change, so we are always contactable and will make the best recommendation for duration and type of support we think is suitable for each employer.

We will need to communicate with you and your team, employees with disabilities, and line managers to better understand and assess the current environment and processes. After which we will be able to recommend the support that might be suitable for you.

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