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Life Skills Coach

Job description

Full time


Develop, implement, and review screening and assessments related to admission, vocational, and other business-needs related assessments
Develop strategies and coaching plans for people with disabilities to train and support them in areas such as social skills, life skills, job-related skills, work habits, emotional and behavioural regulation
Conduct and provide on-site and off-site observation, coaching, counselling, support
Design, establish, and evaluate friendly and effective support structures and processes for people with disabilities to improve their quality of life and help them navigate challenges
Develop, provide, and review training and sensitisation programmes for employers and other relevant parties
Work closely with co-supporting partner organisations, direct care staff, caregivers, and families to build, measure, and track support strategies and plans


Has a minimum of 2 years relevant working experience
Has a specialist diploma or degree in a relevant field
Is strong in working and networking with people
Takes the initiative, can be independent, and positively influences your team and colleagues
Is resourceful, result-driven, and can problem-solve
Can manage multiple tasks and priorities in a complex and dynamic environment
Likes to learn and is able to learn on the job

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