Our Technology

At the heart of our technology is an ecosystem that is powered by a continuous learning and support platform. Our platform integrates the relevant technology, domain expertise, and data, so as to be able to provide people with disabilities highly personalised and blended solutions that can adapt and support them throughout their lives.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and data analytics can let us learn more about people with disabilities at an individualised level so that we can support them, their caregivers, and businesses.

Virtual Reality

Using possibilities granted to us in a virtual world, we are able to ease transition for adults into various purposes such as employment, and set them up for greater success.

Internet of Things

With the growing ease of access to physical devices for consumers, we are tapping into their network to allow us to collect new data that can give us a more holistic perspective.

Growing our ecosystem

We are constantly looking for individuals and organisations with the relevant expertise, knowledge, and passion to work with. If you’re excited by what you’ve seen so far, we want to speak to you.