Our Work

We are providing the environment for individuals and businesses to thrive sustainably. Our solutions are
engineered to provide the maximum support and prepare you for success, and every partnership is built to bring
the best out of each of us.

Our Location

We have presence in 2 countries, Singapore and India. Our choice of country is determined through how
strong our business network, employment partners, organisation involvement, and government support are.

Stories from our Community

What we have learnt over time is that there is constantly so much to learn from the people in our community. It is also how we stay relevant, inspired, and purposeful.

Growing up with Autism

Coping with mobility challenges

Learning to unlearn

Creating the future

Life need not be tough after you become an adult. On top of providing gainful employment and supported living, we are looking at providing support during the period before you transition into adulthood so that you can be equipped with the highest chance of success as possible.

If you’re an educational or vocational institute that support or would like to support people with
special needs, we will love to speak to you.