Hire a person with disability and help change your business and their lives.

Why do I want to hire for inclusion?

Untapped talent and diversity

People with disabilities have perspectives and strengths that help to fill up many business needs. By overlooking them and focusing only on their disability, we are missing out on this diverse pool of people that can add a different dimension to your organisation.


Culture is your company’s DNA. It is important because employees are prioritising values and purpose. With a culture that values diversity and inclusion, employees are more likely to enjoy their time, be happier, and more productive.

Better teams

Inclusion drives diversity and builds the environment where different kinds of people can thrive and succeed. Diversity breeds innovation and productivity which leads to teams making better decisions and ultimately better financial performance for the organisation.

These employers have already started on their journey towards inclusion

3 easy steps to begin your journey towards inclusion

Learning about each other

We will spend time with you to help you understand us, and for us to understand your business, environment, culture, and jobs that you need filled.

Training for the right fit

A training program will be developed by us, or co-developed with you in cases where the skills or knowledge is unique to your business, for the pool of suitable candidates we identified.

Hiring and support through us

After the training, we will recommend the profiles of the most suitable candidates and you can decide if you want to hire them. If you hire, we will provide the necessary support to help both of you integrate.

Submit Success

Thank you for showing an interest in being an inclusive employer! We will contact you very soon.